Get Certified

When properly installed, advanced lighting controls can reduce lighting energy use by 40%, improving energy efficiency and saving money. That's why demand is growing for contractors and electricians with the experience, expertise, and confidence to complete advanced lighting controls projects in commercial buildings.

What is in the WALCTP Technical Course?

The training regimen is composed of 10 hours of prerequisite study material, followed by 10 hours of lecture, plus 40 hours of hands-on lab work.  WALCTP-certified electricians have an unparalleled advantaged installing this growing technology.

What are the Pre-requisites?

Because the lecture and lab work moves along at a challenging pace, all participants must be equally prepared prior to enrollment. The prerequisite studies are on the Lighting Controls Association website's modules EE101, EE102, EE103, and EE201 (Approximately 10 hours). These courses can be found here. For enrollment in WALCTP, applicants must present a certificate of completion for online study to enroll in the WALCTP course.